Setting up a complete portfolio of services

The market research company GfK created a new division focused on Media & Entertainment clients and needed a portfolio of services to expand the expertise globally.

Building on the media expertise existing in some countries, we looked at all the products available, sector-specific or not, to identify which one we should retain or adapt to create a complete and coherent portfolio. 

PI - Creating_a_portfolio-services_PHI_STRATEGY

At a second stage, to categorise the business opportunities, we prioritised the products retained and grouped them into 3 categories: 

  • Stars:  High ease of implementation/high value to clients
  • Fireworks: High ease of implementation/mid- value to clients
  • Black holes: high value to clients but more difficult to implement, i.e. more costly in term of resources

This new portfolio received a lot of interest from many new countries and local clients. Within a year, GfK won clients in 5 new countries.

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